Product  Description

The FCMB Prepaid MasterCard is an EMV Chip & PIN Dollar denominated Card which is pre-funded and re-loaded. You simply load the prepaid MasterCard with funds and use it for the things you would normally use cash for. The FCMB Prepaid MasterCard comes with MasterCard worldwide acceptance on ATM, POS and WEB for convenience and control.

Features of Prepaid MasterCard

  • Three year validity
  • MasterCard Prepaid card is accepted at millions of locations worldwide
  • Faster and easier than writing Cheque for payment or going to ATM to get cash.
  • Shopping online and making your everyday purchases fast, secure and convenient.

Benefits of Prepaid MasterCard

  • Simple and convenient to cash or debit card payments.
  • No need to open or have a bank account in order to have a Prepaid Card.
  • Provides better record keeping than cash (Statement is available)
  • A personal identification number (PIN) is used alongside the Prepaid Card as well as an SMS alert is received in real time within the transaction placed.
  • Eliminates the need to carry large sum of cash
  • When  cash  is  lost  or  stolen,  the  money  is  gone  forever  and  in  most  cases  cannot  be recovered. In  the case of a  lost  or  stolen  Prepaid  Card,  the  value  on  the  cardholder’s account remains intact and can be transferred onto a replacement card or another Prepaid Card.
  • Allow the unbanked (non-account holders) to obtain a MasterCard Prepaid Card and become part of a financial world.
  • Debit card holders who are afraid of using their debit cards on the Internet for purchases may obtain a Prepaid Card which can be used solely for that purpose and is not linked to their domicile account.

Prepaid MasterCard Charges



Card issuance fee


Replacing a lost or damaged card


Annual maintenance fee


PIN Reissue


Cash withdrawal on any FCMB ATMs


Cash withdrawal on ATMs of Other Banks in Nigeria


Cash withdrawal on foreign ATMs


Purchases made on local POS and Websites



Purchases made on foreign POS and Websites


Transaction Limits



Daily ATM Withdrawal


Daily Web Limits


Daily POS Limits


Maximum Load on  the card


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On The Prepaid MasterCard

Q:How Do I Get A Prepaid Mastercard?

To get the FCMB Prepaid MasterCard - Simply walk into any FCMB with proof of identity, a passport photograph and complete an application form. Your personalized card will be ready within 72 hours (Lagos Branches) and 96 hours (upcountry branches).

Q:Do I Need To Be An Fcmb Customer Before I Can Request For A Prepaid Mastercard

No. You do not need to have any account with FCMB before card issuance.

Q: How Long Does It Take To Get My Prepaid Mastercard?

Your personalized card will be ready within 3 days for Lagos Branches and 5 days hours for upcountry branches.

Q: How Do I Load Money On My Card?

You can load your FCMB Prepaid MasterCard by simply walking into any FCMB branch and deposits the funds in your card account.  You can also fund your card through fund transfer from internet banking.

Q: Can The Customer Exceed The Cbn Guideline Limit Set On The Prepaid Card.

Yes, a full KYC would have to be done on the account with the necessary documentation.

Q:When Will Funds Loade D Or Transferred Into My Prepaid Card Be Made Available On My Card?

Funds paid in before 4pm will be available on card by 5pm the same day, while funds after 4pm will be available the following day.

Q: Do I Need To Activate My Prepaid Card?

Yes, use the default PIN on the attached PIN mailer and change it to your desire PIN

Q: Do I Need A Pin When Using My Prepaid Card?

All purchases and ATM transactions require a 4 digit PIN selected upon activation of the card.

Q: How Do I Withdraw Cash With My Prepaid Card?

To get cash at the ATM, insert your card into the machine and enter your PIN. Select "current account" to make a withdrawal and enter the amount of cash you want to withdraw.

Q: Can I Withdraw Cash Across The Counter From My Prepaid Card?

No, you cannot withdraw cash over the counter at the branch

Q: How Do I Know The Balance On My Prepaid Card?

You can check the card balance on any ATM terminal that accepts your card variance.

Q: How Do I Get The Statement Of My Prepaid Card ?

You need to subscribe to the e-statement service to receive your monthly statement by email. Alternatively you can walk into any of our branches and request for a print statement which would be printed to you immediately.

Q: Common Reasons My Prepaid Card Can Be Declined

Your FCMB Prepaid card can be declined for a number of reasons including:

Insufficient funds on your card account

Card has not been activated.

Wrong PIN being used (use of wrong PIN three consecutive times will block your card)

Exceeding daily ATM withdrawal or POS limit

Wrong secure code information while doing online transaction 


All online transactions require One Time Password (OTP) when a cardholder is doing online/web transaction on a merchant site. It is a six (6) digit number sent to the cardholder’s registered phone number to authenticate online/web transaction.

Q: What Should I Do If My Prepaid Card Is Lost Or Stolen?

Report lost or stolen cards immediate at any FCMB branch or call any of the following numbers (07003290000), 01-2798800 and request that the card be hot listed immediately. You will be asked a few questions to show that you are the actual owner of the card.For more information, please call our 24/7 Contact Centre on 012798800 to speak with a consultant, or send an email to customerservice@fcmb.com

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