You can easily receive payments from your customers through mCASH; a payment option that allows your customers to pay instantly into your account, using their mobile phones (and this does not require internet access).

Here is how it works:

  1. Request your customer to dial *402*merchant code*amount# using his/her mobile phone (please note that data is not required to complete payment)
  2. Choose the account/bank to be debited from on the displayed list. First-time users will be required to enter a date of birth; which must tally with records at their bank.
  3. Complete transaction by inputting a 4-digit passcode. First-time users will be required to input the passcode twice.
  4. Payment is instantly confirmed on your FCMB account through flash notification and SMS on your phone.

NOTE: Phone number for the transaction should be the one linked to your BVN.

To get your Merchant Code instantly at any of our branches, please click here to download the application form, complete it and submit at the nearest FCMB branch.