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If you received a credit alert of a million naira, what would you do? Scream the house down or execute tasks held back because of money? Well, there are many things a million naira could do for you and our Millionaire Promo is set to make you a proud millionaire. Want to find out how? Get the lowdown on how to be a million bucks richer right here!

Not to brag, but did you know the Flexx account offers the most convenient banking solution in a very easy to use and intuitive app? This app allows you to carry out financial transactions in the most fun way possible. Cool, right? Get the Flexx app today and bank your own way!

Whatever the occasion, wherever the location, if it’s happening on your campus, we would love to share it on the Flexxzone. And… did we mention that being a campus correspondent comes with amazing perks, too? Get all the gist right here.

One major life goal that we can all agree on is to be able to spend money, with the hope to have some left. This is an act of discipline that allows us save for the future. Curious about how to manage this area of your life? Find out here.

There are some songs that are forever etched in our memories. But, do you know the actual lyrics to some of these evergreen songs? Take this quiz to find out.


Ladies, did you know there are a million and one ways to rock a scarf other than the mundane tie on the head? We have some pretty stylish ways for you to rock your scarf. Check it out.

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