Verve Prepaid Card

What is FCMB  Verve Prepaid Card?

FCMB Verve Prepaid Cards offer the flexibility to make multipurpose payments anywhere in Nigeria without having to open an actual bank account. You have access to a virtual account that can be used whenever you want. FCMB Verve Prepaid Cards are so versatile; they can be used as gift cards, and anyone can use  it.

How do I get FCMB  Verve Prepaid Card?

Please visit the nearest FCMB bank branch and  request for FCMB verve prepaid card


Do I need an account with FCMB before I can request for FCMB Verve Prepaid card?

No, you do not need to have an account with FCMB to have the FCMB Verve Prepaid Card.


How do I activate my FCMB Verve Prepaid card?

  • Visit the nearest ATM
  • Insert your FCMB Verve Prepaid card into the ATM
  • Enter your default PIN which is on the welcome letter
  • Select the PIN change option
  • Enter your preferred 4-digit PIN to change the PIN (this should be different from the default PIN on your welcome letter)
  • Your FCMB Verve Prepaid card is ready for use

How do I load my FCMB Prepaid card?

You can fund your Verve prepaid card through several channels , websites and even bank branches.


Option 1: Visit;

  1. Create a profile on the website to register and log – in. You can also log – in with your Quickteller details.
  2. Select “My Verve Cards” to fund your FCMB Verve Prepaid card


Option 2: Visit,

  1. Sign in or register and log in.
  2. Search with cardloading or fund verve prepaid card, follow the prompt to fund the card
  3. Put in your card details and load funds from your current or savings account.

Option 3: Visit any FCMB branch and request to fund your verve prepaid card


How do I unload my FCMB Verve Prepaid card?

Please visit the nearest FCMB branch.


Can I use my Verve Prepaid card for international transactions?

No, you can only use your FCMB Verve Prepaid Card for local transactions


On what channels can I use my FCMB Verve Prepaid Card?

You can use the FCMB Verve Prepaid Card on ATMs, POS, mobile and internet transactions. Your FCMB Verve Prepaid Card  can be used anywhere the Verve logo is seen.


What is the limit on the FCMB  Card?

The daily limit on how much you can fund online is N50,000 daily while you can have a maximum limit of N250,000.


What is the transaction limit on the FCMB Verve Prepaid Card?

The maximum ATM daily withdrawal is N150,000 while you can spend up to N250,000 on POS and Web purchase.


What happens if I lose my card or it is damaged?

Please contact FCMB by visiting the nearest branch, or calling our 24/7 Contact Center on 01-2798800 to block your FCMB Verve prepaid card and request for a new card.


Are there charges when I withdraw or transact business with my card?

All withdrawals made on FCMB ATMs are free, but for withdrawals made on non-FCMB ATM Withdrawals, N65 will be charged as commission.


How do I replace my FCMB Verve Prepaid Card if lost or stolen?

Please call our 24/7 Contact Centre on 01-2798800 and request that the card be hotlisted immediately. You will be asked a few questions to verify that you are the actual owner of the card. You can also visit the nearest FCMB branch to report your lost or stolen card.


How do I replace my FCMB Verve Prepaid Card if expired?

Please visit the nearest FCMB branch or call our 24/7 Contact Centre on 01-2798800 to request for a new card.




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For more information on FCMB Verve prepaid card, please call our 24/7 Contact Centre on 01-2798800 or send us an email at

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