Visa Debit Card

Product Description

The Visa Debit Naira card is an EMV Chip and PIN card that is linked to a naira current or saving account. It is accepted worldwide for payment at over 29 million locations and for cash withdrawals at over 1.8 million ATMs in over 170 countries worldwide, wherever the Visa logo is displayed.

Features Of Your Visa Debit Card

  • It is linked to a current or savings account denominated in Naira
  • It is valid for 3 years from the month of issue
  • It requires a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for all transactions
  • It is an EMV secured microchip and PIN debit card

Benefits Of Your Visa Debit Card

  • Globally accepted means of payment
  • Convenient and secure 24/7 access to account linked to card
  • Cash withdrawals from over 1.8 million ATMs in over 170 countries worldwide
  • Payment for goods and services in over 29 million Visa merchant outlets (POS, Web)

Visa Debit Card Charges



Getting a new card(Classic)


Getting a new card(Platinum)


Replacing a lost, damaged or expired card

Same as cost of card

PIN Reissue


Cash withdrawal on any FCMB ATM


Cash withdrawal on other banks ATM in Nigeria

N65 (after third transaction in a month)

Purchases made on POS and on local websites in Nigeria


Purchases made on POS abroad and on foreign websites


* Prices are subject to change based on factors such as regulatory guidelines, economies of scale, customer promotions, etc.



Transaction Count











ATM Transfer



International Transaction(Monthly)

20(POS & Web only)




Q: how does my visa debit card work?

The Visa Debit Card is linked to cardholder’s current or saving account. Every transaction done with your Visa Debit Card will reflect online real time in your bank account. Cardholders can monitor their transactions by simply viewing their account statement.

Q: how do i apply for a visa debit car d?

Simple walk into any FCMB branch and get your VISA debit card issued instantly

Q: how do i activate my visa debit card after collection?

Your Visa debit card is automatically activated by changing the default 4-digit PIN (0000) at any FCMB ATM.

For activation, go to any FCMB ATM and simply enter a desired Personal

Identification Number (PIN) by following the steps described below:

  1. Insert the card into the ATM
  2. Input the default 4-digit PIN (0000)
  3. Select Change PIN
  4. Enter desired 4-digit PIN
  5. Re-enter desired 4-digit PIN
  6. Consummate a test transaction

Please note that without changing your PIN, you will be unable to use your card for transactions.

Q: where can i use my visa debit card?

The Visa Debit Card can be used on ATMs, POS machines and the internet. Your card is internationally accepted as a means of payment at over 24 million merchant locations and over 1 million ATMs worldwide, in over 170 countries.

Q: how do i make online transactions?

All online transactions require your card number and the 3digits CVV (Card Verification Value) Number at the back of your card.

Q: what is vbyv?

Verified by Visa (VbyV) is an additional layer of security when making online transactions. A web transaction PIN also known as Web Pin is required to complete all VbyV transactions.


This has replaced the i-pin/web-pin for VbyV web/internet transactions using the visa card. It is required when a cardholder is doing online/web transaction on a merchant site. It is a six (6) digit number sent to the cardholder’s registered phone number to authenticate online/web transaction.

Q: how do I withdraw cash at an atm with my visa debit card?

To withdraw cash at the ATM, insert your card into the machine and enter your PIN. Select the type of account the card is linked to make a withdrawal and enter the amount of cash you want to withdraw. Then take your cash, card, and receipt to keep track of your balance.

Q: how can I check the balance on my visa debit card?

You can check the card balance on any ATM terminal that accepts your card variance or by viewing your account details online.

Q: how long can i use my visa debit card?

You can make purchases using your Visa Debit Card until the expiration date shown on the card, or until the value of the card has been depleted. Once your Visa Debit Card expires, you can request from the nearest FCMB branch for a new card.

Q: what can i do if my card is los t or stolen?

Call 01-2798800 and request that the card be hot listed immediately. You will be asked a few questions to show that you are the actual owner of the card.

For  more  information,  please  call  our  Contact  Center  on  012798800  to  speak  with  a consultant, or send an email to


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